My name is Jaime Gonzalez and I'm the owner of Bella Window Cleaning Service.

I was raised in South Texas where the climate is primarily hot and dry which resulted in many dirty windows. Although I did not like cleaning them, I did as I was told by my mother without fuss and she always emphasized to always do things right the first time.  What I learned from my father was to take pride in your work and with that will come the rewards.

On the onset of my Air Force career I was taught three core values.  Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do.  After 22 years of serving my country I bring these same values to this business.

Making the transition to window cleaning was easy based on the fact that my research told me two things:

  • People are looking for professional, trustworthy, customer oriented window washers who believe in doing quality work.
  • There aren't many window washers in this area.

So Bella Window Cleaning Service was born in 2012. My family and I have decided to retire here in this wonderful community and we would like the opportunity to be able to contribute to helping this community continue to shine.  Our plan is to grow this company cleaning one window at a time and taking no shortcuts.  This growth will happen as a result of top quality window cleaning and a true belief in providing outstanding customer service by incorporating the three core values of:  Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do.

That's my story. Hopefully we'll see each other soon and you can tell me yours.